Since my early childhood, I have been interested in the ways our bodies function. The most memorable times in my life are instances of bodily failure, and their influence on social interactions. Though these experiences are embarrassing, we all have at least one legendary story of physical malfunction to share, and feel the simultaneous urge to conceal it and explain it.

With the limited knowledge I have of the human body, I propose alternative anatomical processes in printmaking, ceramics, mixed media installation, and performance. I view the body as a pressurized, magically-mechanized world in which everything is interconnected. Combining the visual language of antique anatomical illustrations with found objects, I reinvent bodily mechanisms as amalgams of plumbing, medicine, and industry. Commercial, industrial, and organic forms function together in lithographs, intaglio prints, and sculpture, creating an imagined world that simultaneously embraces a DIY aesthetic and whimsical myth-making.

Rodolfo Salgado Jr.
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